Anatomy Guru Author, David Macaulay Salutes Pilates

Needing to be more advanced on how the body works, we took off yesterday to the Dallas Museum of Arts to hear award winning author David Macaulay.

Of course, you know my mind was ready to dive into the anatomy of David Macaulay. Well, not exactly. The anatomy of his book.

With Mouths Open
Did I mention Macauley is a genius? To say the least. He's amazing, at 62. Brilliant. Some say majestic, to which he chuckles in disbelief. For sure, he is unpretentiously humble. Refreshing.

He is also a winner of the 1991 Caldecott award (Black and White), along with many other prestigious invitations. How I remember Caldecott. I had to read all of them when I was in my undergrad program. In no way am I saying I agree with all the views of Caldecott or the medal award winning books. But some of them are worth taking a gander into.
Face-2-Face Anatomy
As you can see, we landed in the book-signing lane. Mr. Macauley was as delightful in person as he was at a distance.

I mentioned to him that I had great respect for what he had accomplished with his book, The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body, because of my anatomy work in Pilates. His eyes deepened in thought as he turned to meet mine and said, "You know, I was told when researching for this book that I should learn Pilates, but I just didn't have the time." He encouraged me as he concluded, "But I know Pilates is an amazing way to learn about your body."

I couldn't escape recommending he choose a qualified Pilates instructor! With an educated certainty, he agreed. See you in the studio, David!!!

Check out the website above for more info on Mr. Macaulay and Caldecott Books. I think you will find them both interesting, if nothing else.

NOTE: Article on Macaulay in Dallas Morning News (01/25/09), click on names above for webites on Caldecott and Macaulay. Macaulay's book is an entertaining and inspirational way to learn about your body.

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