Who Got That Memo????

OK, so how is this supposed to be winter? Eighty degree weather that is? I know, I know Texas didn't get the memo.

For sure, this is NOT IN MY DNA!!!! Take me north. But I'm encouraged as it's supposed to dip back down to the 40s today.

Wow, a forty-fifty degree difference from one day to the next. As is so often heard, "Welcome to Texas!"

I've been here for over 20 years, and I'm still not used to it. You've heard me say, you can take the gal out of VA but you can't take Va out of the girl!!!!

What on earth does this have to do with Pilates or Health? Well, Pilates keeps me warm on cooler days. And cooler days keeps me balanced. Emotionally. Mentally.

The fact is research tells us that people fair better in less than fair weather! OMG, what on earth am I saying?

Seasonal changes really do affect our moods. Stats show people are more apt to feel depressed, even to the point of considering suicide when they don't live where there are changes in the seasons.

I've often heard that Washington state is not the best place to be. Well, I've been there and absolutely loved it. However, I wasn't there when they had rain for countless days. One of my close friends used to live there. She and her hubby both said they experienced a lot of depression while living there.

In part, we know it's because the sun doesn't show its face often. We all need sun. Yes, for vit D, but for our mental and emotional well-being.

And being in sunny Fla or Texas isn't the answer either. Sun all the time still creates a hum drum in our spirits. Our bodies, by their very nature crave change.

For me, the particular area of VA I grew up in was perfect. Seasons. All of them in full flare. But within reason. No extremes. Just right. Just what the doc ordered. Warm summers, colorful and cool autumns, cold and snowy winters, and bright green soft springs. I'm embracing them all in my heart.

So is 80 degrees in the mid of winter in my DNA? Not in this lifetime.

PHOTO: Taken at a friend's house when I was about four years old. Note: You can see Mom's love of short hair and bangs.
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