Can You Hear Me Now???

No, I'm not trying out the newest trend in hair techniques!

So what in the world do I have growing out of my head?

A pan? But more importantly, fire. I've been told I am a fire-breathing animal. No comments, please.

Actually, I'm trying out a new candle. Anyone that knows me, knows I do so love candles. But ear-candles?

My first encounter with such a device was years ago. I observed as a friend performed it on a "patient". It left me curious.

In time, I bought a box of quality ear-candles and put them on a shelf for a darker day. Then years later, when I was experiencing an ongoing inability to hear, those candles kept lighting my curiosity. "What did you say?!" I was indeed having a challenging time in hearing anything.

Anyway, I ventured out and embraced the idea that firing up candles might not be a "bright"-bad idea. Now, brace yourself, I went through more candles than I'm going to admit. You are only supposed to use about two. But what's the worry if they really don't work?

The Result:
After many tries, suddenly I came out of that deep dark barrel that I had been living in for far too long. Know that feeling?

Looking back, I recall that the "wax" look in the burnt candles varied. In the beginning they were on the full mark. And in the end, the candles hardly had any debris glued to their sides. And indeed that's when my hearing came back. So how can that be my imagination? Why didn't the same amount of debris remain consistent in the burnt candle?

So what are the complaints? Is this technique that has been around for centuries a hoax?

You Can Get Hurt?
Sure. That's a no-brainer. Any time you are around fire, folks, you are setting yourself up for danger if you are not careful. Candles? Uh, they cause fires. Just ask my nephew who is a fireman.

So What Are The Dangers?

  • Fire. Do I need to say more?
  • Wax. Some have reported that the wax from the candle dropped back into their ear which left them in excruciating pain. A visit to the doctor was necessary for others.

I never caught on fire, nor did I hot-wax my ear drum. And I performed the experiment by myself. I rather enjoyed it. Yes, I am a risk taker...but the risk seemed minimal in my estimation. However, I would not recommend you take Ellen's off-the-beaten-path.

Here's What You Will Need:

  • Relaxed time. It will take you about an hour.
  • Solicit a trusted fellow believer or at best one who is open to the alternative...or looking for a bit of entertainment...or a good memory.
  • Buy candles from a reputable company.
  • Use the "props" suggested in the directions from the reputable company you buy it from. Aluminum pan, damp towel.
  • Keep away from drafty areas like ceiling fans or ac/heating vents.
  • Do not burn the candle to the end.
  • Watch for ash build up.
  • Be careful how you tilt your head and how far you put the end of the candle in your ear.
  • Keep the tip to the opening of your ear...not down in your ear.
  • Scissors. In case you want to take a closer look. Well, of course, I don't mean cut your ears open. But cut open the remainder of the candle.
  • Have a bowl of water near by to place the end of the candle so you can easily snuff it out.

NOTE: I do NOT make the claims that some ear-candlers do. Many believe it all but cleans out your brain. Including yeast/fungus. Hmmmm, on second thought maybe I could use a brain-cleaning.

What's The Real Scoop?
I'm one of the many who tried it and had a great experience. And I'm a skeptic of skeptics when it comes to believing every new wind of doctrine. I scrutinize companies before purchasing and people before putting my health into their hands.

MY Experiment: To be fair, I burned a candle without putting it in my ear. And guess what? I found a waxy looking substance building up on the inside...and all without my ear. No, I'm not the first to discover the matter. This very issue is why the medical field scoffs at the idea using the candles.

So what does that mean?

What I have found is that there is definitely a difference in what you find when you have waxed filled ears. Why would there be so much for instance when my ears were plugged and then as my ears began to open up, the debris in the candle was minimal?

I am not claiming anything. I can't. I can only give you my empirical evidence. It's what I know happened with me. My blocked ears were not my imagination. I've had this condition only a few times in my life. Usually, the doctor blows half my head off removing the wax. Now I know that is safe. Or do I?

It worked for me. It may not for you. But it was worth the fun of trying. And it was worth hearing again without ever having to leave my home. And it was a lot less expensive!

The other issue the medical field has is as we discussed before, the problem of getting some of the hot wax in your ear. I've never had that to happen. Yet, I am understanding it's a possibility. This is where you would want to heed all the cautions.

Too, when I think of the procedures I've seen performed by doctors, that nearly killed and in some cases did kill, I don't think ear candling is such an insane method for trying to correct a problem.

So What's My Conclusion?
Is it all in my head? Well, if so, it all came out and my hearing came back.

Was it the power of suggestion? Well, if I can rid a pregnant ear full of wax, and be able to hear again, by "thinking' the ear candle helped, then so be it. I'd consider that was pretty amazing in and of itself.

And you know, some things do not make sense yet they work.

My Suggestion

  • I would caution you to not use them a lot and in some cases not at all.
  • First, find out what is wrong with your ears. And only a professional ENT or health professional would be able to tell you that. A trusted one.
  • If it's just a serious wax build up, I would try it.
  • However, you might want a fire extinguisher on hand. And know how to use one! I didn't. Once a fire broke out in my home at a party due to a candle (no, not ear). My hubby had left it just in case. I couldn't believe it when I looked over and saw my beautifully decorated table on fire. Then I got lit. Not on alcohol...but fire. Anyway, no one at the party could make the fe work!!!! So we came up with the next best thing...buckets of water.
  • Try it at your own risk.

NOTE: http://doesitwork.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2008/01/17/585352.aspx
Ear candling report where the lady found it not to be legit but yet the majority of the comments were from people who did benefit from it.

PHOTO: Taken in VA, my fave place to be!!!!

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