Trying To Clean Up My Act

This is "Green Day". Green and Clean!!!! Try taking just today to be totally organic. Easier said than done. You will realize just how spoiled we are if you take this challenge.

I had considered riding my bike instead of driving to the store. But then, duh, how was I going to get my 20 bags of ORGANIC mulch on the bike???? Picture that for a brief moment. No workie.

Moving right along, I figured I could use all my organic house and personal cleaning ingredients. But then, I do that all the time.

I have a washing machine and dishwasher that use less water. And I've been drying some clothes outside. No, not all. Somehow, I don't think my hub will go for stiff underwear and socks.

I have the windows open, so I'm not using my central air. And, yes, it's 90 degrees here in Texas today. ugh. NO, I could not do this, of my own free will, all summer long. Any alternative? Yes, move north.

And I am wearing all cotton today. I love cotton. It breathes, and I need all the air I can get these days.

I've been working in the "dirt" all week, so that should count for something, don't you think? I hope so. I do love yard work.

I have four acres to mow, and I hate to report that I probably won't be using a push mower. It's ZTR time. I guess I could hire a few goats. And we do have "bonus" horses that visit now and again that help keep the horse coral mowed. But for now, it's going to have to be less green.

Another way I'm celebrating green is by sharing it with others. Yes, this blog, but also by giving green to others, literally.

For example, I gave a close friend dryer-balls you've heard me talk about in a previous post. While they may not deteriorate for a bazillion years, they work wonders in the dryer without all the chemicals in dryer sheets. Too, my friend is reporting that she is loving them, and that she's finding her drying time is much quicker. And no static!
So, while they are not completely a green item, they come pretty close. And they last forever...in the dryer.
Last but NOT least: PILATES! Very organically GREEN and burns calories! Today, I will do sets of 10 starting with the Hundred, Rocking Chair, Roll-Over, Roll-Up, Swan Dive, Star, etc. Not necessarily in that order. Fun times!

I really am trying to "clean" up my life, folks, but a gal can only do so much.

Let me know some of the ways you are going green this month.

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