Table Pilates For The Birthday Gal

It's always healthy to do out of the ordinary things...as long as it's G rated. Well, at least when you post it on a public forum, like this!

This special occasion was inspired at my birthday retreat to an upscale hotel suite, which as you can see included a conference table. And since I didn't have any meetings, I had to think of a way to utilize the table. Sleeping on it was NOT an option. And I wasn't interested in eating on it. Working on it was NOT an option either as I left my mind behind.

But, ah, Pilates? Now that was an option! I know, I know, the surface was not the most conducive. Regardless, you can't keep a good Pilates instructor down. What shall we call it? Pilates on a Table. Conferencing Pilates. Pilates Conferencing. Table Pilates. Hmmmm. What do you think?

OK, OK, so some of you are asking, did I really do Pilates on that table? Maybe.....not! What was your first clue? The heels, you say? Heels never got in my way before.

Wonder Woman Pilates
Then came the idea to show my super power strength, being Wonder Woman, and all. Believe me, that light fixture was a lightning rod to my heart. Great for cardio. The balancing act was the next challenge. For sure, all the basic Pilates and alignment principles came in "handy". Looks like I was en route to the "mermaid".

Then came the greater challenge. My hub. I think he was enjoying the view, but more so getting a kick out of my nearly crashing to the floor. You should have been there to experience the moment with me. Maybe you could have encouraged my hub to quit pressing his luck with me. Then again, maybe not!

Until I grow another year older!!!!

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