Ripping Crowns???? Who's to Have That Privilege?

We all have our opinions, do we not? Are we to lie about them given the circumstance?

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was asked her opinion about an emotionally charged political topic at the Miss USA contest. She gave it, and because she didn't lie and or skirt the question, she has been put on the hot seat. Regardless, of your position on what you feel defines "marriage", you have to wonder why this question was a part of the contest. After all, this wasn't a political position these gals were competing for.

What was more disturbing to me was Perez Hilton's reaction that flashed all over You Tube shortly after the contest was over. His comments were highly emotional. Highly offensive to many. Not only did he say she was "dumb" but repeatedly called her a "dumb b****".

He talked about how he would have ripped the crown off of her head had she won. And how happy he was that she didn't get the crown. Hmmmmm. He spoke on what she "should" have said. So to be Miss USA, you have to answer these questions, not so they reflect who you are, but what everyone else thinks you should be or think? I don't get it. If that is the case, then why are these girls not drilled on political views and booted out BEFORE they compete?

I'm not one to promote beauty contests. But I'm certainly not one to promote stupidity by judges trying to present their cause at a BEAUTY contest.

Yes, I said beauty contest. Let's get real here. If this is as he suggests, a person who is to represent who we are as a nation or a state, then why is beauty at the helm? Really, how many of us are that drop dead gorgeous? One percent? Seriously. My suggestion is to get rid of the focus on the outward if you want to rep the majority of Americans. Put a real person with real flaws in the role of Miss USA. That will NEVER happen, folks.

And if they have to say what everyone wants to hear and not what they truly believe, then it just adds to the empty, fake persona these types of contests exude. Fake tans, fake breasts, fake smiles, fake how many other things.

Casting Stones
Then comes the attack on something Carrie did when she was 17. She admits it was not the best choice and that she would never do it again. OK, so how many of us can cast the first stone? Certainly not me. But most of us didn't put our immature choices in stone...in black and white...hard copies. She did. So forever she will have to live with that the choice she made. I think that's enough punishment. Don't you?

Am I condoning what she did? Certainly not. But I'm not ready to shoot her and string her up for the vultures to come and eat her.

Thank God we are not disowned by Him on what we did in the past, if we have settled that with Him.

I do wonder why and how come Carrie is the one bearing all the scrutiny, when Perez walks away without a blink? Again, my question is why was it OK for him to scream obscenities about Carrie just minutes after the contest? And to go on and on about how dumb she was...how she was supposed to have answered his question in the way "he" thinks she should have. And that he would have physically ripped the crown from her head had she won. Little bit of anger going there!

Amazing. And the Miss USA pageant officials didn't have any issue with that, yet, they are griping about Carrie? Double standards. And I don't go for such no matter how wrong a matter might be. If that makes sense.

I've listened to Carrie being interviewed and have yet heard her be anything but kind and gracious, even in her pain. Perez, on the other hand, comes across as a hater for sure. And he's complaining about her? WoW! I'm not getting it, Perez. It almost sounds like "you" would like to do more than rip her crown off. What threat is she to you for you to become so quickly volatile?

Like Carrie, I have gay friends, and none of them have taken the position Perez has. All of them have clearly stated they would have been more offended had she played the dumb blond and or flat out lied to attain the prize before her. Too, they believe Perez has hindered their cause by his unruly actions.

Crown On Or Crown Off?
As many of you know, The Donald (Trump), gave the final word today. He refused to dethrone Carrie. He gave her his support. Good for you, Donald!

Too, I thought it was interesting that Donald reminded everyone that even the president stated that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. Hmmmmmm.

I leave you with two videos. You decide. Please turn off my playlist at the VERY bottom of the page before viewing these videos. WARNING: 1st video has "language".

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