Biker Gal Says, Look Out Lance!

My goal in buying a bike was to find something around $100. I know, I know, I may regret that decision. But for now, it will have to do.

After I discover whether this is something I truly want to add to my exercise diet, I may upgrade. Look out Lance!

My son thought I should get a
retro bike. You know, the ones that look like the 1950s. I found a Schwinn that was awesome and reasonably priced, but it didn't get the final vote.

While I liked the retro bikes, I was drawn to an off-road bike. Being that we don't live in the city, I knew my travels would entail more than a fluid ride down a comfortable side walk.

Besides, I liked the colors. You guessed it: Pink and white (photo). Isn't that a priority when buying something you are going to be wearing?

When my hub got home, I told him I had a surprise to show him, so we took a walk on the outside. There sat my newest item of interest on my journey to health. He looked it over closely. I had warned him not to scrutinize. He said, "Well, what are you going to do with it???"

OK, moving right along, trying not to read between the lines, I responded, "Well, I'm going to RIDE it!"

So those are my plans.

Warnings In The Manual
The next day, I decided to read the manual. You can imagine the stress levels that ignited. So much health. Actually, it wasn't too bad, until I stumbled upon one statement:
  • Rules Of The Road And Safety Tips: #4 PROP 65 WARNING. This product may contain chemicals that are known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.


So we can't even ride or purchase a bike without toxic exposure to the very thing we are trying to protect, our wellness?

I began to do my research on Prop 65. Yes, we all know Cali is known for setting stringent safety standards, but I can live with that.

Here's What I Found:

Click here for Prop 65 info.

I set out to find what questionable chemicals were supposed to be in my bike. The OEHHA(Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment)site noted that you needed to contact the company you purchased the item from if you want to know expressively what chemicals of concern are involved.

OK, I could do that. I found the 800 number. Called. Not only was there no answer, there was no recording.

Wow. I dialed again just to make sure I had done so correctly, only to find the same untidy results. As I looked a little closer, I found that the company is the supplier to the name brand. Imported from China.

The actual company that distributes the bike, at least, had a recording, but there was no answer as it was a holiday. So I sent an email with my questions. I was prepared for no response, and if there was one, I was certain it would be tardy.

As the consumer, I could only hope to find why the warning? Was I concerned? Not really. But therein may be the problem. Too many of us don't worry. I think perhaps it's because we are inundated with toxin warnings, creating apathy.

I received a nice email with a number to call. Made the call. The customer service person, Jon, told me I would have to call the "other" company that makes these bikes since mine didn't match with theirs. OK. He informed me that there are two companies that sell this bike.

I called the other company. The service person said I needed to call the "other" company since my model # didn't match theirs. Hummm.

Inquisitively, I said, "I just called them. They told me to call you. So are you suggesting I call them back and tell them that you told me to call them back?" Weird stuff, folks.

She stumbled around and said, "Let's see, well, turn the bike upside down and tell me what the number is." And why didn't she ask me to do this in the first place? Oh, yeah, I forgot, this is customer service.

Indeed, it was their bike. So I asked her about Prop 65. She was clueless, but said she'd ask her supervisor. I waited. She came back with some jargon that, "Those California people are just nutty..." OK, I get that, but I wanted to know what danger was inscribed on my bike.

"It's in the paint" she said. But that's all she knew, other than it could be a micro amount. Regardless, if they sell to Cali, the company has to list the warning. I understood that. So I told her, I'd probably not be gnawing on it any time soon. She suggested I not sleep with it either. At this point, we were laughing as we made our point.

So What's the Biker Gal To Do?

Truth is, I'm exposed to more toxins the minute I get in my car than sitting on that bike.

Nothing comes free anymore. Nothing that is, that's truly green and clean. Not even exercise in the open fresh air...

Did I tell you about the air pollution concern in my area? Oh my...so the endless pit of toxins greets us everyday, everywhere.

Where's my antioxidant?

Note: Some people believe wooden bikes have fewer toxic issues. What of wooden bikes, click here? Check out this site as well.

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