The Raw Facts

Cookie Dough, Anyone?
We've all heard the e.coli scare, in everything from peanut butter, meat, tomatoes, to spinach, but now, cookie dough?

OK, so does that mean I can't eat raw cookie dough anymore?

According to an article Dr. Marion Nestle wrote addressing the issue, "the tally has reached 66 victims in 28 states: 25 hospitalizations, 7 with severe complications, no deaths." (06/19/09) The victims were mostly young and female. According to the experts, that simply means children at home with their moms are the most exposed. Well, duh. Sorry.

Unfortunately, we lose even the good with the bad. In order to get rid of a minuscule, the government requires that mega more be destroyed, as they would call it, protection. The perfect example: Nestle recalled over 300,ooo cases of their cookie dough (as of mid June). Obviously, not all of the packages were contaminated.

Just this morn on a news reporting radio station, they were interviewing a list of prof on the matter. The quandary: What is the source of the problem? You may not know that the ingredient, if you will, causing the problem, is not just ecoli, but E. coli D 0157:H7. You can read more info on the following site.

What the experts are saying is, they don't know exactly how E. coli D 0157:H7 was birthed into the cookie dough. They don't believe it's from the eggs, after all, eggs are supposed to be pasteurized. Regardless, eggs don't carry this "brand" of e.coli, but cow manure does. Tasty. What flavor of cookies would that be? Doolicious. Shoolicious? Fecielicious? Crapolicious? Stinkolicious? OK, OK, give it up, L!

Seriously, the alarm is that this particular e.coli is slightly more potent. E. coli D 0157:H7 is supposed to be more harmful, even damaging the kidneys.

The other concern is that D 0157:H7 in the cookies can be spread from counter to counter, item to item, causing more health issues.

A caller on the program asked if people are just really that stupid...to eat it raw? Hey, she's talking about me!

Also, the question was posed if there was enough warning on the products? The Nestle warning or suggestion says, "Cookie dough contains raw ingredients. Bake before consuming." Market Pantry's caution is a little more demanding: Do not eat unbaked cookie dough..." Let's see if Nestle follows suit.

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I checked mine, and all is good. I guess I should go back to making them from scratch? By the way, Nestle voluntarily gave the recall for their products. Good for them.

All this is making me hungry for...COOKIES! There is nothing like a delish cookie, straight off my Pampered Chef Stone, just ask my son's friends! I like mine a little more on the doughy side, while the guys like them brown and crunchy. So, there you go, another female at higher risk.

So am I going to quit eating cookie dough? No. No more than I'm going to quit licking the bowl after I mix up a cake and put it in a pan. I've done it for XX years, do you really think I'm going to stop now? I have greater concerns to address like...

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