Beauty In The Eyes Of The Beholders...

Are there ever days you wish you were a man? I have those now and again. (Is this why I dream I have a beard? hee hee) You know, the days when you recognize that our society is biased. Yes, even in the 21st century.

Like it or not, men are readily more accepted for their physical flaws than women. And, yes, even their natural aging process. Duh. Uh, since the antediluvian era.

It's OK for them to have a paunch hanging over their belts. It's OK for then to develop "crwrinkles." It's OK for them to let their hair grow gray; it's often admired and considered distinguished. Or like my brother, Charles. He loved it when his hair turned completely white (a full head of hair, I might add).

Why do we slight women?

This is who we are as a society.

What Can We Do?
Only individually can we change it... one little step at a time.

I'm not saying that men should not be accepted no matter their senescence. I AM saying women should be allowed to be in the same genre, if you will. The same club. The same ballpark. You get the idea.

Do I have hope that we will see that in our lifetime? Not really. However, we can begin to change it in our own little worlds of influence. How? Educate, educate, educate. Model, model, model it. Get it in our own tiny heads...Get OUT the faulty thinking.

HOMEWORK: Compliment a lady today, be she young, or older. I did that the other day walking out of a movie. A seasoned lady was sitting by herself as I passed. I stopped and went back, tapped her gently on the shoulder and sincerely said, "You have on such a pretty top; you make it look beautiful!" She was clearly stunned that I would bother to stop and share such a kind thought.

We need to bother to take the time out of our busy lives to pass out generously these random acts of kindnesses. They cost us ZERO and the residuals are immeasurable.

NOTE: Maybe if I grew a beard, I could hide all my upcoming wrinkles =0

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