I Overdosed!

No, I'm not trying to be sexy, not hardly. Just thought you might want to see how I look when I OD. That is O.D. on vitamin D.
Need I say, OUCH?

With my fair skin, I had no business mowing four acres without greater covering.

Well, there were a few good things to come from it. I managed to not only run over weeds that were up to my waist, and the gas cap, the welcome mat (which flew in every direction, including my hubs =)), BUT a snake and a lizard. OK, so not all of those were a good thing.

I've been challenged with why in the world didn't I put sunscreen on? I responded, "Well, you don't plan when you O.D.!"

I'm not big on sunscreen anyway, but I should have had a long sleeved shirt on, not a tank top. The shirt would have protected me from flying objects, like the chunks of welcome mat as well as the debris that passersby toss out of their vehicles.

With lots of aloe, I'm now in recovery, though the process is ever so slow. For certain, Pilates will have to wait. Most of it anyway.
Have I learned my lesson? Sure. At least until next summer.

For more info on skin cancers, please click here.

Also, here is another site to check out in your spare time.

And for skin care ideas, click here.

BTW, I failed the first three things Mayo recommends:
  • Avoid the sun during high intensity hours: I was out between 11-2.
  • Wear protective clothing. The evidence is in the pic.
  • Use sunscreen. I did have some on my face, thankfully, but I should have had on my wide brimmed hat.
Again, don't do as I do, but as I say. Take all the precautions to protect your skin. A little vitamin D goes a long way. Too much goes the wrong way. Be Smart!

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