The Hurt Locker

Upon a friend of my hub's recommendation, we went to see a movie last night. The Hurt Locker. I usually check out the content before going to any movie, but on occasion, I take the chance.

Typically, any war movie is loaded with language, but hub said he was told that this one had some and that the some fit the war scenes. Little did we know, it had 75 F words, and a half a dozen or more words using God's name.

In these cases, I've been known to walk out of movies. OK, OK, so I know not all of us are offended by language in movies.

What I will tell you is that the content of the movie was more embracing than the language was offensive; a first for me. I'm not recommending that you go to see it if this type of language is offensive to you, as it is me. However, it's one of the rare occasions that I am glad I saw the movie.

Without going into detail, perhaps personal reasons invited my willingness to engage on an emotional level in spite of the overuse of questionable language. Too, it brought me to a deeper understanding of what our guys do while we sit over here in America taking for granted our freedoms. All of this put together, brought a sense of wellness to my soul. Crazy, huh?

Without question, this movie will receive awards, as it has already been nominated.

For certain, Jeremy Renner, who played Will, is my choice of leading best actor of 2009.

NOTE: In case you might be wondering, the title comes from soldiers vernacular in Iraq describing these bomb explosions as sending you to "the hurt locker." (The Hurt Locker Official Website)

Check out the website on the link above. Below is one of the trailers. Remember, if you want to hear the vid, you'll want to scroll down and turn off my playlist.

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