Is The Doctor In?

Doc Visit Update
Many of you are calling, emailing and asking what were the results of my recent doc visit? Thanks for you continued interest. I'm thankful we can share and learn through our health challenges.

While my visit was not free of new discoveries, along with Doc suggesting that I have surgery, he was in agreement that I'm mostly in great condition. He acknowledged that I've been blessed with good health, and that I've been blessed to never have any surgeries. Thank the Lord! I've truly been protected over the years.

Have you caught up with me yet? Or are you still back there on...suggesting I have surgery? Anytime we hear knives sharpening, we wake up from our slumber, do we not?

To Knife Or Not To Knife
OK, OK, so why would he be suggesting surgery if there wasn't something terribly wrong? After all, you've heard me say he is VERY conservative.

First you have to know he is doing his job well. He would be amiss if he didn't suggest surgery with the info at hand. Remember when patients have 12-week size fibroids, most doctors insist on surgery, typically a hysterectomy.

As in anything, you have to look at the whole picture. Over all, I'm not having continued issues as many do with this challenge. I've had a few recently, but those have retreated. The typical symptoms? No. I've been fortunate. So do we just go on as though there isn't an issue to be addressed. Of course not.

I believe with my whole heart, besides God, that Pilates has spared me from suffering. Core strength is critical in situations like mine. Being in good physical condition is almost everything. And not being overweight is vital.

Of course, diet is everything as well. For example, I've heard repeatedly that red meat is not a good option if you have these types of tumors. So I rarely eat red meat. For that matter, meat, period, doesn't entice my cravings. I love veggies and fruit.

Many of you keep asking,
"What are the dangers of fibroids?" We've mentioned some of these concerns in previous articles, but as a quick review:
  • Extreme bleeding.
  • The bleeding may lead to anemia, which can be damaging and even fatal.
  • Pain from the pressure the fibroid may be putting on different organs.
  • Pain from cramping as well.
  • Prolapsed uterus.
  • Fatigue.
  • Bladder control due to the pressure of the fibroid.
  • In some cases, death, but that is usually when a person avoids a doctor's care and or they are bleeding past the point of life. By the way, the standard is if your flow is more than 6-8 pads a day, you may want to call your doctor.
So do I suffer from any of the above? No. The most I've experienced was the more than MY usual bleeding, and then only now and again.

Yet, it's not over yet. He reminded me that being a Caucasian female, who is slender in build sets me up for osteoporosis, which as he said, can be extremely detrimental to my health. My mother having it doesn't help the equation either. Yet, my generation has had the privilege of knowing better how to protect ourselves than my precious ma's generation.

My first thought when he and I discussed osteo was Pilates. I love the fact that the system offers a variety of weight bearing exercises.

Moving Right Along Into The Future
He believes women should consider a hormone replacement when the time comes. His idea, in my case, would be to use a very low dose birth control pill, and cutting the dosage in half, making it even weaker. I'm not saying I'm totally opposed to that, perhaps some day. However, I will have to do my research.

I know many of you are on various forms of hormone replacement. We each have to decide what we feel works best for our health. I'm certain, I will be exploring the natural route as always.

My Doctor: The Best
While I totally believe and trust my doc's judgment, what I truly appreciate is that he trusts my decisions. He gives me that room and is willing to work along side of me. I couldn't ask more! Sure, if it were life threatening, he certainly wouldn't be apathetic and say, "Well, Ellen, whatever you want." But the in between of very healthy and a health challenge, he has proven to respect my thoughts and wishes. Does he always like them? Of course not. But in the end, I know he is my partner.

For Now Our Plan Is:

  • To take it a page at a time.
  • For me to be in his office every 6 months and in between if I have any problems. I can do that.
  • And I'm to chart my daily body changes, if any. I was already doing that, so that's an easy follow-through.

So I'm good to go. And I'm feeling better than ever. Thanks for your concerns, your interest, and your prayers! Bless you.

I'm off for some core control exercises, then a dish of grapefruit, and then to a theater production a friend is taking me to for detoxing; it's a comedy.

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