My First Barbie, Part 2

My First Barbie

Hmmmm, that's actually the name of a Barbie. But, most of us gals have had that "first one" we held close to our hearts. At least, I know I did and have.

My Barbie (note pic in previous blog) was given to me by my parents while living in Virginia. She was the first generation of "mod" Barbies, but I believe the third generation of Barbies in general. She arrived on the American scene around 1967, which makes her the inviting age of 42. They are often called the TNT Barbie. Twist N Turn.

She is what we call a vintage Barbie. I guess that makes me vintage as well. But honestly, I don't mind. Being vintage. Somehow, it makes me feel a tad important. You know, like I've accomplished something pretty unique.

My Particular Barbie was the First to Have:

  • Twist-n-Turn waist.
  • Real eyelashes.
  • Bendable knees.
  • Long straight hair.
Her generation continued to have the tiny holes in their feet to fit nicely in their "stands."

Worn Well?
It depends on how you look at it.

  • She's not still placed neatly in the box she came in. I don't even know where that box might be, except totally disintegrated.
  • She does still have her mesh bright orange bathing suit cover, though it's slightly out of shape. Maybe it was during the time she gained some weight or something?
  • She has her clear plastic stand, yet it, too, is showing signs of breakage. It is plastic, you know.
  • And her pliable knees? Well, they went over the top on bendable somewhere along the way, in all the play. Her left leg, that is; it no longer pops into a nicely bent position. Now it just bends fluidly. Hey, it could be worse. Besides, she takes after me. My knees are in pretty sore shape after all the wear and tear. We are vintage, remember.
  • She forgot to remove her earrings, and learned the hard way a gal must do that at least once every 10 years, or else turn green. No solution seems to rid her of what seems like a permanent damage.
The Good News:
  • Her long blonde hair looks as silky as ever. But it appears like I might have slightly gone scissor happy with the bangs sometime over the last 42 years.
  • She still has her own luscious eyelashes.
  • She can still do the Twist better than anyone with never a complaint of cramping sides!
  • Her facial features and her skin are only slightly showing signs of graceful aging.
  • And maybe the best thing of all is that she has never gossiped about anything I ever told her. Matter of fact, she's never opened her mouth about anything.
  • She's as lovely as ever, as far as I'm concerned.♥
Certainly, she's one of my bff.

She has traveled far and wide with me through the years. From VA, to OH, to TX. And I might add, it's not just been a physical journey, but clearly a series of life defining moments, changing our lives forever.

I readily admit, she's weathered the adventures perhaps more gracefully than I.

So tell me about your first Barbie! ♥

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Also, check out the following vid of the TV commercial for my Barbie that aired back in '67. Notice who the child star is!

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