Whip It

As noted on the sidebar, Whip It is my movie choice of the season, thus far.

For certain, movement of the body is a tad over the top in this exciting film. Amazing ladies, though some of you may not refer to them with that particular flavor of femininity.

Regardless of your sentiments on the matter, you have to respect their driven ability to succeed at such a challenging art. And it is art. Yes, it's a sport, but the creativity it embraces demands for coloring outside the lines. Hmmm, where are my Crayolas?

I don't know that these actresses prepared for their roles by performing Pilates, but it's obvious they could have clearly benefited if they had. Wonder why they didn't consult me? uh hmmmmm!

Too, the everyday challenges parents and teens encounter are defined well in this film, as well as leaving out the fluff. While Drew may not have always been my fave person in Hollywood, she has won my respect with the insight and wisdom she merged into the soul of Whip It.

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