LN's RX = God and Aspirin

Wishing you all a-not-so-stuffed Thanksgiving week-end. We have so much to be appreciative of, do we not? The list goes on into eternity, or at least it should.

Probably number one on our list of what we want to have to be thankful for is wellness, wouldn't you say?

Yesterday as we sat around the wonderfully decorated Thanksgiving spread at my daughter's, we were not giving our health much thought as we began to dive into all the delicacies that only Thanksgiving brings us each year. Why should we? After all, isn't it the time of year we pleasure ourselves, not giving an ounce of consideration to our well being?

But then, in a flash, everything we know and feel safe in can change. Like yesterday.

Just as we gathered around that glorious table of enticements, oblivious to anything but our own cravings, something less self-indulging was being required of us. 

Little Ma had asked me to help her remove her sweater as she was sweating. Very odd, I thought. She NEVER gets cold, but I passed it off and continued to embrace the food before me. But then...I sensed a deathly quiet creeping nearby. When I turned, Little Ma was beginning to slump over in her chair without having touched a morsel of her food. Jumping to my feet, I ran to her rescue. Most of you know, this has been common place for me these past 12 plus years. Yet, never is it less frightening. 

I felt the flurry of commotion dancing around me, but my mind, body, and soul stayed at one with hers. Was this going to be "the day?" I prayed not. 

The young children were quickly exited to the kitchen so as not to scare them anymore than their little minds already were. So there Ma, my daughter, and I were. Alone. Yet together. That's what counted on this day of thanks. 

Ma was clearly "stroking." Who gave this vile enemy the right? The right to seize Little Ma's body and mind? Who would give the right to return her to us? Only God.

She became all but incoherent. Her eyes became glazed and fixed, no movement. Her body stiffened like a corpse. Silence filled the room; it was deafening.

I began to work my mojo, as this generation would say. Humanly speaking, I began to do my part in bringing her back. I never take credit, folks. NEVER. For me, it is God who wills when we live, when we die. But He chooses to use me, at times.

So many times, I've been asked, "How?" How do I bring her back? Again, I'm not the Divine Healer here. I'm just the messenger.

However, I will say, as you've probably heard how many times, one word: Aspirin. Specifically, I use Baby Aspirin. NEVER use coated in cases like this. You want it to be able to dissolve quickly so that it quickly gets into the system of your "patient."

Amazingly, though she is all but dead, she has always been able to follow my lead and chew the aspirin and swallow. God?

And once again, she refused to allow death's sting to usher her away from us. She came to. She could tell me how many fingers I had, follow my finger from side to side. And when asked what day it was, she replied, though through a weakened voice, "Well, Thanksgiving, of course!" Like, "You big dummies!!!!"

The rest of the day she slept. Her body had taken the hit as it will do when our organs begin to shut down. But not before she asked if she could have a bite of pumpkin pie. Only Little Ma!!!!

Thanking God for another day with Ma.


NOTE: I keep a small bottle of baby aspirin with me at all times. Try it; it might save someones life! Including your own. ♥

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