Dancing Their Way Into Heaven ♥

If you know me, you know my love for the Christmas holiday season. I begin the adventure as soon as my family will allow me. And really, that's whenever I please! Indeed, they are very gracious to accommodate my passion for celebrating such a joyful time of year.

This year was no different. Everyone joined in, helping me in the delightful labor of decorating our home to a festive brim. And as always, ♫...with every Christmas card I wrote...♫, the song
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas danced in my head while hoping for that wonderland miracle.

For indeed, it would be a miracle in this neck of the country. But as God would have it, those Divine little priceless gifts came flurrying through the Eve of Christmas. And I was embracing every one of them.

As so often, when we get the things we love the most, coupled with them are sometimes life's greatest challenges. For on that day, only minutes from where I was traveling myself, heading back home, a dear family, Pat and Alan Wilbourn and Pat's mother, Kay Nelson slid while traveling across a snow covered overpass, and in a flash were taken from this life to the Next.

While it was hard for anyone near or abroad to hear of this tragic news, it was especially hard for those of us who knew and loved them. What do we do with this untimely event? This abrupt event.This sobering event.

It seems so unfair on the front end. Unfair to family left behind. Friends left behind. A community left behind. A community that they had greatly affected for the good of mankind. And a community they had not yet affected. But more importantly, a community that will reap eternal gain for what these precious people sowed in their everyday lives.

For in all of Pat's services to so many, be it through her creativity in her cake decorating business, her various and rich teaching and counseling capacities, or her graciously volunteering to help those less fortunate, such as survivors of Hurricane Katrina, her spirit will linger eternally through the lives of others.

Alan? From what I know, he left the gift of song, of music in the lives and hearts of many a young person as he was a band director for so many years. He pleased many an ear being an accomplished trumpet player. His church benefited from this gift, this talent as well (from what I understand, he was en route to play for the church's Christmas Eve service). Not to mention his keen teaching ability that so easily captured his audience.

Together? They were a devoted couple who danced their way effortlessly together across the ballroom floor, delighting so many who watched, and from what I understand, inspired and taught others. And not just "the" ballroom, but the ballroom floor of life.

Pat's mother, Kay Nelson? While I don't know much about her as I never met her, I've heard she was an amazing lady as well. One who gave of herself to others. I'm certain, like with Pat, her family would rise up and call her "blessed" as Proverbs 31 tells us.     

My season with them was what I might call fast and furious! I shared many joyful moments with Pat. I think that's one thing I remember most about her; her infectious smile and laughter. There were times, I thought we were going to literally fall out of our seats laughing at the most simple of things. Often she would invite her youngest son, Devin, to join us, which only added to the equation of care free precious moments in time. I will forever be embraced by these memories. Eternally, I will be thankful to God for allowing me the privilege of crossing her path. 

Interestingly enough, this month, I frequently had thoughts of Pat. Thoughts that I needed to reconnect with her. Impressions, if you will. But as so often, time has a way of racing by in the hustle and bustle of life, stealing the things we need to do the most.

So my greatest regret is that there were things left unsaid on my part. While I don't plan on walking in the guilt of that, I take ownership of it and hope to carry her loving spirit into the lives of those around me. For I believe that is what she would have me do. You see, I know she's forgiven me for when I didn't take the time to mirror her heart, instead ignored promptings to slow down and make things right.

Some of you may be asking what does this have to do with Pilates/exercise and health? Everything. Your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health are all affected by the ebb and flow in relationships. As well as the untimely, abrupt, and sobering events in our lives. Get busy this season, and, please, not with "things." Rather, with tidying up an unsaid kind word or deed to those you truly hold dear to your heart, for you do not know when you may wake up and they are gone forever from this earth. Think about it.     

Photos from the Nelson/Wilbourn blogsite.
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