It's Not 'Could' You But 'Would' You?

A sobering story, no question, but not sure I understand the "shock" of it all ~ that it was "on a Sunday" and "not here" as some noted. Though I'm not discounting this horrific crime causing the community to be awakened out of their safe slumber.

Truth is, rape is occurring in that specific area most daily. It just doesn't make the headlines. The FBI reports that only a mere 26% of all rapes or attempted rapes are reported to law enforcement officials.

Who of us, has not experienced sexual abuse? Of those, how many have reported it to the police? Sadly, most of us never report it to anyone.

Rape knows NO bounds. NO day of the week. NO place on the planet. NO age, race, or gender. Neither does it pick certain faces, body types, or a person's apparel.

We too often forget, rape is a CRIME, not a sexual encounter.

How Are You Protecting Yourself?
Thankfully, tragic news like this causes us to take pause and remind ourselves:
  • Be alert. I will repeat this! Can't stress it enough! 
  • Travel in groups when you can.
  • If you have to be alone, talk to someone on the phone.
  • Keep your head up and walk assertively.
  • Keep your keys woven in and out of your fingers, ready to jab.
Advice From A Trusted Expert

By the way, using your car keys is the number one tip a friend and "special agent" of 25 years for the govt., reminds me to use. As he says, as simple as it may seem, your keys jabbing into their eyes, throat, etc. can cause a perpetrator to wish they had not complicated their lives by crossing your path.

Surprisingly, he has encouraged me to NOT get a CHL (Concealed Handgun Licence). I've argued the point, but somehow he wins every time. While we both do believe CHL has its place, for most people, other forms of defense may be the better choice.

One of the pressing reasons he and other gun professionals call for CHL pause, is that MOST humans freeze when they are confronted with the reality of not just shooting but rather killing another human being. Therefore, the concern would be that you might have a gun, but in the heat of the crisis, you would stall and the gun may be used on you instead. Whereas, keys, mace, etc. could possibly let you opt out of killing someone but rather,"hit and run" like Hades!

He also informed me that it's illegal to carry a handgun in certain establishments (state laws may vary). For instance, it may be illegal in a restaurant/bar that serves alcohol.

Another helpful piece of info he provided while educating me: I do not have to have a CHL to legally keep a gun in my home for protection.
  • Check your state laws as they vary .
  • Take defense classes in your community. Educate yourself. Then decide if you want a CHL, etc..
  • Strengthen your core (you didn't think I was going to leave a chance out to promote Pilates, did you?) because being in shape may help. Remember to take classes from a professional Pilates instructor. 
  • Always have a plan to be in contact with a friend or family member when traveling by yourself.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you frequent a place, especially going to and fro from your home/work/play, NEVER become complacent about what's going on around you.
Are You Prepared?

That is the question I leave you with.

Am I, you may be asking? Indeed, I am on a learning curve but am daily on the journey to educating myself on how best to protect myself from harm. 

Too, I've asked myself, could I shoot another human being?

As my gun expert friend reminds me, "It's not a matter of 'could' you, Ellen, but 'would' you??"

The answer? "Yes!!!, without question, IF it comes down to my life or the criminal who is attacking me."

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