Autonomy For A Day!

Happy July!

As we celebrate our nation's Independence, I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday week-end.
Also, my tip to you for the holiday is to, yes, stay safe, but why not find something you can celebrate in your own life. Something that you want to free yourself from. Or maybe free yourself "to."
We all have bondages that enslave us to a measure of detriment. What is yours?

  • Eating too much? Not enough?
  • No exercise?
  • Eating too many sweets?
  • Watching too much TV or Internet?
  • Moodiness?
  • Being unkind?
  • Making fun of others?
  • Being a know-it-all?
  • Passivity? Aggressive-passivity?
  • Controlling?
  • Not getting enough or too much sleep?
  • Not being able to sit still?
  • Living in drama?
  • Wearing guilt as a badge?
  • Taking no time for yourself or too much?
The list goes on. Whatever it is, pull in the reins for a day. Just a day. Even half of a day. The results? A keen sense of freedom that may lead to not just the moment but for the rest of your life. How do you know?

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