There's A "LEAK" in the Pentagon!!!

Hmmm, that could be taken in a number of ways, but in this case, it's literally a "leak" from a water pipe, I believe on the 3rd floor of the Pentagon, due to the 5.8 earthquake they just experienced. So glad my friends and family throughout that region and beyond are all OK!

 I've been in a 5.8 as well, while in Ohio, years ago. I was on the 4th floor of a building. Not good. Especially, when our buildings were not built to withstand earthquakes, as they are in Cali! I recall thinking the whole building felt like it was moving under my feet, but thought surely I was having some weird out of body experience! LOL. Thankfully, the building and I survived. It's still standing today. As for me, I'm working on it!

Hugs to all you quaker survivors!


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