How Many Times Do I Have 2 Tell U?

Did you know muscles have memories? If you read the
Body Awareness Series (5/7/08) you may remember that discussion.

Too, did you know that you can change your muscles' memories? Probably.

How? Great question. It's called muscle-talk. Yes, I said talk to your muscles. And they will talk back, respectfully so.

Muscles are like your children, husband, wife. You can't just tell them something once. Don't we wish!
But is it the same? Not quite. Then again.

Seriously, studies show that it takes a whopping 50,000 times. Yes, I said fifty thousand; that's with four zeros. Fifty-thousand times before your muscle will adjust to what you've told them. Amazing. Is that possible in a lifetime? And what happens if you make it to 25,000? I need to quit asking such preposterous questions. Note, a presenter gave this stat at a rehab course June '08, and I'm still looking for the resource he used.

The bottom line is we can retrain our muscles. We can bring them into alignment. We can teach them to behave as they should. Is it work. Absolutely. As is anything that is valuable. It is so worth it.

Am I counting? I gave up around 4,000. Counting, that is. Everyday is an opportunity to retrain my body. As is it yours.
NOTE: Stay Tuned for the next post on the Foot Series!

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