A Butt-Kicking Reformer 4 The New Year

So what better way to go out into 2009 than by getting a butt-kicking by the, or should I say "a" reformer???? "A" meaning a knock-off. In this case, literally.

A friend of mine sent this video (see below) to me today asking if this would be qualified as a Reformer? I was glad to take a gander, not knowing what was in store.

I'm sure I shouldn't have (especially being a Pilates instructor), but I almost fell off of my chair. I won't admit "why". You can guess.

As I reminded my friend of what I have so often said, "Pilates doesn't injure people, people injure people!"

This Video is an Excellent Example:

  • Of what you don't want to do if you want to live into the next New Year to brag about taking Pilates. For that matter, live long enough to brag about anything. Oh my.
  • Being careful where you "do" Pilates. No legit studio would begin to use this equipment.
  • Why you need a personal Pilates trainer.
  • Not picking just any trainer...but a qualified one. No legit Pilates instructor would put you on this and for sure NOT by yourself.
  • Being careful what Pilates "equipment" you purchase for home use. Most of you are not going to go out and spend mega thousands for commercial equipment like I have, nor should you necessarily. There are a few brands that you can purchase that will suffice your needs at home. But again, you will probably spend close to $1000. I have had a few people tell me they bought a $200 "reformer" and they had good results. In these cases, they were people who were very familiar with Pilates and bought the equipment years ago. Just be careful not to get ripped off or the "end" may not give you what you bargained for. Pardon the pun!

While funny, really this lady could have seriously injured herself. All by herself. And she would have no one to blame, more than likely, herself. Hope the owner's of that "place" didn't get sued.

Take a gander and consider what we've talked about this last year concerning Pilates.

See you in the New Year, hopefully in one piece.

****Take note of the equipment in the pic above. This is a commercial combo Reformer/Cadillac. But notice the vast difference in it and the one on the video.

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Make it a safe and happy New Year!

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